Hot questions

  • What’s the memory/storage of YYD-7? What’s the size of the screen? What’s the operating system?

    Memory/storage: 1G/ 16G; Display screen size: 5 inches; Operating system: Android 6.0.

  • What is the first operating instructions of the magic AR game?

    Activate the QR code on the card for the first usage. The content covers card explaining, Chinese-English translation and photography.

  • What are the operation methods of face entry?

    Click Settings on the top right corner of the home page, find the face entry function, add the name to save, and finish&save the face entry.

  • How to make voice commands?

    Voice command to get the command word, click Settings on he upper right corner, find voice commands to view and familiarize the voice command words.

  • An "untrusted enterprise developer" hint prompted the iphone when download the APP ?

    Settings→General→Device Management→Choose "Shenzhen Weihai Interactive Technology Co,Ltd"→Click “Trust”.

  • Can multiple phones control the robot at the same time?

    No, it's a one-to-one model. If you can't do anything else on the robot after being controlled by your phone, YYD-7 will remind: "master, I'm under control."

  • How to wake up YYD-7?

    Call “Xiaoyong Xiaoyong”, or “Hello, Xiaoyong.” or touch the belly of YYD-7.

  • Why did YYD-7 remind that it couldn't dance?

    There are two reasons for this: less than 30% of the battery; or when the network is not good, it will delay the command of the voice.

  • How to connect Wi-Fi wireless?

    Open the "view code" On the top right corner of the home page, and view the QR code and scan to download APP. Open the APP client, enter the phone number for registration verification, and then use the mobile APP client to scan the robot's "binding robot" QR code to bind the ID number.

  • How to connect with Wi-Fi?

    On the top right corner of the home page, click the "wireless network" to select the network, and the corresponding Wi-Fi password connection can be used.

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