Hot questions

  • Can YYD-F5 insert into memory cards? How big is the memory? Can you put it outside?

    No. YYD-F5 has 16GB memory. It can be placed or imported through OTG line.

  • Can any conversation be answered?

    Yes. YYD-F5 is connected to Wi-Fi and can be transferred to the background server for intelligent dialogue.

  • Under what circumstances can you speak to YYD-F5?

    Under what circumstances can you speak to YYD-F5?语音按钮hen you can chat with it; Or call him "xiao yong Xiaoyong", it will show the above expression and you can chat with it.

  • Where to download APP, how to use the APP to bind YYD-F5?

    Method 1: setting - view robot QR code - scan the first QR code on the left hand side;

    Method 2: scan the QR code of "download APP" on the carton box;

    Method 3: click on the service support column - software download - find the corresponding model to download;

    Note: if it's an apple phone, search for YYD-F5 Robot in apple store and download it.

    Bind: click Settings > check the robot QR code - open the phone APP - click the “+” button in the top right corner to scan the QR code or manually enter the ID code.

  • What’s the weight of YYD-F5?

    The net weight of YYD-F5 is 4950g.

  • What’s special features of YYD-F5?

    Voice interaction: real-time voice intelligent chat to accompany the elderly and children anytime;

    Smart home: YYD-F5 can control household appliances, such as air conditioner, TV, etc..

    Video monitoring: YYD-F5 can make video chats, video monitoring and voice commands via mobile phone APP;

    Entertainment: YYD-F5 is not only the housekeeper of the family, but also a little expert of music;

    Life assistant: YYD-F5 can make phone calls, set up intelligent reminders, report weather, check recipes, etc..

  • An "untrusted enterprise developer" hint prompted the iphone when download the APP ?

    Settings→General→Device Management→Choose "Shenzhen Weihai Interactive Technology Co,Ltd"→Click “Trust”.

  • Why did YYD-F5 remind that it couldn't dance?

    There are two reasons for this: less than 30% of the battery; or when the network is not good, it will delay the command of the voice.

  • Can multiple phones control the robot at the same time?

    No, it's a one-to-one model. If you can't do anything else on the robot after being controlled by your phone, YYD-F5 will remind: "master, I'm under control."

  • What is the charging time and stand-by time?

    Charging time: 9 hours; Stand-by time: 2 days; Operation time: 12 hours (continuous working)

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