Hot questions

  • Which age of children is this product suitable for?

    YYD-5 is suitable for preschool children aged 1-7 years old.

  • While charging, why does YYD-5 has no reaction when try to turn on?

    YYD-5 cannot be turned on during charging.

  • Why YYD-5’s boot sound sometimes different when turned on?

    YYD-5 can set up the boot sound on its own: Reset boot sound: Push the back button to either side to enter one mode and press the "menu key" and "play/pause button" at the same time to set up the boot sound. Start to record a new one when you hear a beep; Default boot sound: Push the back button to either side to enter one mode and long press the volume button at the same time to restore the default boot sound, and there is a beep that indicates default boot sound set succeed.

  • What’s the charging time and stand-by time of YYD-5?

    Charging time: 2 hours; Stand-by time: 60 days(normal stand-by), 3 days( uninterrupted operation).

  • Can the content (memory) be increased?

    Yes. The USB port below the belly of YYD-5 can be connected with the computer through USB cable. There is 8G memory for content updates and downloads.

  • How do we know YYD-5 is out of power?

    When YYD-5’s eyes appear image of “XX”, similar to the battery, it shows that it’s out of power and needs to be charged. The lights will turn on with bright red when charging and will turn into blue when fully charged.

  • Would YYD-5 be easy to break?

    YYD-5 is specially made for children. Environmental ABS material has been used and works and crash tests have been done to prevent damages from dropping. And there is a free replacement warranty for seven days and one year of free quality warranty.

  • Why there is no reaction when using phone APP to push contents to YYD-5?

    Open the phone APP and turn to the maximum volume (YYD-5 is transmitted through sound waves, so volume is important), if there is still no respond, turn off YYD-5 and restart.

  • How to download the APP of YYD-5?

    Scan the "download APP" QR code on the carton box, android version is for android phones and IOS version is for iphone. Users of iphone can also go to the APP store and search the APP of YYD idol. Or, go to the official website, find service support → software download, and click download.

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