YYD ROBO Is Not Just The"Top 500 Chinese Brand"

2017-06-06   By admin

On May 31, “The 5th China business innovation conference • 2017 Top 500 Chinese Brand Press conference” that jointly hosted by China General Chamber of Commerce, China business newspaper and Asia-brand ceremony was held at the Beijing Wuzhou international hotel.

At the meeting, Asian brand research institute and ABAS expert committee jointly issued a list of China's top 500 brand and also published several awards including "Top Ten Chinese Artisan Brands", "Top Ten Innovative Brands in China" and "Ten Outstanding Figures of Chinese Brand".

In this selection, YYD ROBO led the Chinese service robot industry to the "Top 500 Chinese Brand", "Top Ten Innovative Brands in China" and Mr. Wu, the founder of YYD ROBO, has been awarded one of the "Ten Outstanding Figures of Chinese Brand".

一、Witness 19 consecutive years of soaring value

YYD ROBO, which was founded in 1997 and has a 19-year of manufacturing settlement, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in October. In 2013, the company began to enter the intelligent service robot industry, and successfully created the YYD ROBO brand.

The robot, developed and produced by the company, has occupied half of the intelligent service robot market, soared its fame. In 2017, the robot brand of YYD ROBO began to show a strong momentum of development.

二、"What makes a brand value, to take off?

Whoever wins the customer's trust wins the market: YYD ROBO is committed to being national robots with warmth and love and providing customers with the best user experience.

YYD ROBO is with the latest and most stylish design, the most beautiful display, the most versatile application, the most advanced technology, the most humanized functional design, and the most loyal user reputation.

三、It's not just the"Top 500 Chinese Brand"......

As every YYD ROBO man says, "Love Brings Robo". Robot, which is not simply a machine, is a perfect combination of love and science&technology, a communication bridge of human love, a man-machine combination and an interpretation of love and being loved. YYD ROBO focuses more on "people" than "machines"; YYD ROBO is centered on love, each product from ID design to function definition, from research and development to wisdom, all of the yong artists have devoted to the pursuit of scientific and technological innovation.

YYD ROBO is centered on love and each product is dedicated to the pursuit of technological innovation of YYD ROBO man from ID design to function definition, and from research and development.

Take product function as an example. In today's society, many people are often unable to stay with their families because of all kinds of reasons, and therefore left many regrets of life.The emergence of YYD ROBO is not to replace the company of the family, but to build a closer emotional bridge for people to communicate. With YYD ROBO, even people who are out of the house can take care of the family, and can contact the family all the time.

At the technical level, to make YYD ROBO better serve people, YYD ROBO has teamed up with the shenzhen institute of technology in the Chinese academy of sciences to set up the intelligent service robotics laboratory and also hired a postdoctor of the university of Tokyo, Mr. Zhang Yaohe, to conduct artificial intelligence research work as a special technical adviser of the company.

In the field of industrial ecosystem cooperation, YYD ROBO has joined the robot innovation ecosystem launched by Intel and Ingdan technology to explore key technological breakthroughs. In addition, the company has established in-depth cooperation with CMCC, Iflytek Co., Ltd, Harbin Institute of Technology and other enterprises and institutions .

Benefiting from the promotion of "One Belt And One Road", "Internet plus" and other national major strategies, the intangible asset value of Chinese brands has risen and achieved good results, and some of the top brands have moved into the ranks of world-class brands. YYD ROBO follows the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy, builds a brand system, and also successfully goes out of the country to the world, which is well received by consumers at home and abroad.


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