A New Wave of Artificial Intelligence Has Been Unveiled by YYD ROBO And Thousands of Tech Leaders in The GMIC2017

2017-04-28   By admin

The five-day GMIC 2017 Beijing conference will be held at the national convention center from April 27 to April 29.The theme of the general assembly will be “Tian·Gong·Kai·Wu", which means focusing on the future, looking at the present, and embracing cutting-edge areas such as artificial intelligence, commercial spaceflight and unmanned cars while focusing on topics such as environment, health care, entertainment, mobile payments, education, etc.

At the GMIC 2017 Beijing conference, the exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters, about 40,000 industry elites from home and abroad shared their first thoughts from all around the world, showcased a number of products that represent the most advanced level in the industry, and carried out high-specification brand cooperation and communication.

As a leading brand in the domestic service robot industry, YYD ROBO has attended this conference and appeared in the Iyingdan ecological exhibition area. On the first day of the conference, YYD ROBO booth was surging, and there was an endless stream of visitors to the YYD ROBO. The staff of YYD ROBO were very busy.

YYD ROBO is the first group of high-tech enterprises engaged in the research, development and sale of service robot. Since its establishment, the company has successfully developed eight series of robot products with excellent r&d strength and manufacturing experience and covered many product lines including family company, business greeting, children education, and elderly care. It is also the only robot research and development company that has multi product lines.

YYD ROBO didn't just make robots, in the planning and design of each product, it strives to make every product close to humanistic care and let the robot enter the ordinary family, create a kind of warmth, individuality, convenient, fun and intelligent life style for the user. In terms of technology, YYD ROBO has obtained many national patents, and positioning and navigation technology, walking control technology and speech recognition technology are all leading in the country.

In addition to the product exhibition area, compared to the previous session, there are also many of the world's leading scientists at the GMIC 2017 conference in Beijing. These leading scientists with worldwide reputation came together from frontier domains of artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, material science discussed the new value of human society in the name of science with innovative business leaders and prospective investors.

At the summit of global leaders, professor hawking, as far away as the UK, delivered a keynote speech entitled "let artificial intelligence benefit humanity and the home on which we depend", in the form of a remote video. He believes that the rise of artificial intelligence is the best thing in human history, but he says it is also fraught with uncertainty about the future development of artificial intelligence.

"Future AI will definitely know what you want to eat tonight and know more than you do; know where you want to spend your vacation; even know what kind of spouse you might like." Kaifu Lee said at the meeting. It will be a prophet who can make very powerful predictions about the future. AI is a single-domain big data-driven engine at this stage, which can be considered as a black core and can enter various fields. In the final analysis, the significance of AI lies in benefiting mankind, bringing more convenient, more comfortable and intelligent life for mankind.

Whether it's a robot that can talk, a software that can recognize faces, or a unmanned car, artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. As one of the carrier of artificial intelligence, robot will gradually become an integral part in our life. It can help us when we are not comfortable to decide whether to see a doctor, and reserve restaurants for us.

according to our preferences and consumption records in the past; the health monitoring robot can detect the outbreak of disease earlier than people, and can recommend more suitable sports according to the owner's life preferences and body needs.

Whether foreign or domestic tech giants and venture capital firms are laying out the industrial chain of artificial intelligence, the growth of artificial intelligence economy indicates the great space of this industry.

The advent of the big data era has promoted the development of artificial intelligence, and in the future, robots will become another electronic products that have exceeded the number of population besides mobile phones and computers.


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