Tech Giant "Father of Wearable Tech" Steve Mann "Goes for The Ride" to YYD ROBO!

2017-07-31   By admin

On July 29, 2017, Steve Mann, the world-famous "father of wearable tech", visited the shenzhen yyd robo co.,ltd.Although the Chinese are unfamiliar with the name, Steve Mann is a well-known tech legend in silicon valley. He is an inventor, an entrepreneur, an artist, and a variety of roles at one, as well as the founder of several high-tech companies, including InteraXON. In 1999, he walked around the world with a pair of Visual enhanced glasses. He became the first one who introduced wearable devices to the Massachusetts institute of technology and then spread it across silicon valley from Canada. Two years ago, he won the global digital vanguard award.

On the day of his visit, Steve Mann was still a trademark, wearing a baseball cap and a pair of glasses. Accompanied by the chairman of YYD ROBO Mr. Wu Yongmou, he visited the company's artificial intelligence research institute, and the intelligent service robot laboratory, which was established in collaboration with the shenzhen institute of advanced technology of the Chinese academy of sciences, and learned more about the YYD's products.  In YYD’s Robot exhibition hall, Steve Mann demonstrates the augmented reality (AR) devices of the mobile phones from different wavelengths of electromagnetic wave curve, and enjoyed himself with the ups and downs of the green lines.

Intelligent robotics and wearable technology are both cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence that guide the future direction of artificial intelligence technology, says Steve Mann.Later, Steve Mann and his team had in-depth exchanges with the research and development team of the company to fully understand the development history and future strategic layout of YYD ROBO. He has given full affirmation to the robot's achievements in artificial intelligence, robot application and so on, and is very optimistic about the future development of artificial intelligence in China.

Through this visit, Steve Mann had a deeper understanding for YYD ROBO and expressed his highly appreciation of YYD ROBO for the technology accumulation in artificial intelligence and the application scenarios of robots. In the future, both sides will take this opportunity to make further exchanges.


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