YYD Shines at CES: Humans, You Know Nothing About the Power of Service Robots!

2018-01-12   By YYD ROBO

From January 9 to January 12, CES-2018 is held in Las Vegas, USA. As the largest and most influential consumer electronics show in the world, CES has successfully held 51 sessions so far. 2018 is the year of artificial intelligence, and it is no accident that the cutting-edge technology products based on AI, AR/VR, big data, human-computer interaction and other technologies have become the highlight of this CES exhibition. With the great development of the research in cutting-edge technology like machine independent learning and deep learning, The artificial intelligence products showed at CES-2018 have reached unprecedented heights in terms of the richness of products, the wide range of application scenarios, the complexity and the degree of product intelligence. Artificial intelligence storms are sweeping the globe.


YYD ROBO, As a pioneer in the service robot industry who won two major awards, including Wu Wenjun artificial intelligence technology award and China service robot top ten innovation technology award, following last year's first battle at CES and won a lot of praise from the world, this time, its service robots series will go out of the country, and show in CES-2018. YYD ROBO is going to show to the world: how to combine intelligence with human interaction, and open the door to high quality life in the future.

The CES show is highly professional, good in trade and well-known, and it has set up an excellent stage for enterprises in consumer electronics worldwide. Companies typically display their best, newest, and most valuable products at CES for big orders or consumer’s approval and applause. At last year's CES exhibition,YYD ROBO exhibited its own featured products - Business Greeting Robot Y128 and Industry Customized Robot R150. At a time when the cost of human labor is rising in all walks of life, the emergence of these two robots has filled the gap of manpower supply and demand in some industries. They won a lot of praises and attracted attentions from many medias including CNN.

CES YYD ROBO robot exhibition site

One year later, YYD ROBO relaunched into the $3 trillion market of China health industry, and independently developed Y128C, the Medical Care Robot which showed in CES as well. It is understood that Y128C can help measure the body ECG (ECG) and heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse frequency (PR), and other human body data, and generate health report after measurement. Meanwhile, through the analysis of the health report made by the robot AI system, Y128C can provide users with health pre-diagnosis and health advice, including physical health conditions and health warnings for chronic diseases. As we can see at the exhibition, the robot's body is equipped with a tablet, which allows users to scan their health reports at a glance, while the head of the robot can broadcast the results of various measurement results. Besides, Y128C also has the functions of morning awakening, companion, face recognition, family member information database, smart home monitoring, real-time video chat and entertainment interaction, etc. The operation is simple and practical. It can also be the "private doctor" for the elderly while providing companionship and care to the elderly.

In an era when aging population problem becomes more and more serious while old-age care service manpower is a severe shortage, Y128C can help to share some of the nursing work. The service robot that alleviates the nursing pressure of the old people will be the general trend. This Medical Care Robot that YYD ROBO launched is a perfect combination of social life and technology.

The CES YYD ROBO staff explained.

In addition to the Medical Care Robot, YYD ROBO also exhibited smart education series and smart home robots. Looking around the entire CES, commercial robots are almost everywhere, the appearance of the Medical Care Robot and Intelligent Education Robot undoubtedly like a fresh breeze to the show. Many users are eager to interact with these robots and take photos with them.

CES is the stage and the most authentic market tester. This time, the enthusiastic response from people around the world to YYD robots is proving that the product strategy of YYD ROBO in the medical and children education field is the trend. Especially the Medical Care Robot, when everyone was declared to enter the field but did not see any progress, only YYD ROBO and a small number of service robot enterprises researched and developed with the fastest speed. Success in the race to gain the market is a victory. The product will soon be ready for application in the market, according to the YYD official, the CES show will be a warm-up for its official launch.

In the next two days, there will be more kinds of black technology products continue to display during the CES. Please look forward to the next round of the wonderful show from YYD ROBO!


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