Heavy Pound, Experience 2017GMIC+ Hangzhou Super Intelligent Festival with The Latest High-Tech!

2017-11-14   By admin

If you compare artificial intelligence to PC internet and mobile internet, it can be the third wave. On November 14 to 15, 2017, GMIC+AI Summit Hangzhou&China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Forum is held at Hangzhou international expo center!

The summit showed many of the latest high-tech products, and many of the most famous scientists in the field gathered together.The summit's main venue invited Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist at Cambridge university, to share the future of artificial intelligence and human development with us.

In addition, well-known figures in the field of global artificial intelligence are making speeches at the scene of the summit, including the famous scientist in machine learning, the director of American academy of engineering, the Carnegie Mellon university professor and dean of machine learning Tom Mitchell, etc..

Scientists are discussing the future of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, the Internet, the Internet of things technology, and how to change the life style in fields of education, health, tourism, community and new retail, smart home, travel, etc. They also explored the problems, trends and solutions of the artificial intelligence industry, interpreted the policies of artificial intelligence development and explored new models of globalization and cross-border integration.

Shenzhen YYD Robo Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YYD ROBO"), as a national high-tech enterprise, has also participated in the exhibition, showing the latest new products!

YYD ROBO focuses on the field of service robotics. Its products are mainly used in education, family and medical industries. The different products of four industries form a happy robot family, which brings convenience and happiness to people's lives. Unlike previous exhibitions, the exhibition shows xiaoxiaoyong, xiao yong and dayong, and highlights two new products, leleyong and tuantuanyong.

Leleyong is a child companion robot, in the voice call aspect, it is very sensitive and can also connect directly with the TV screen and the play key by voice control;

It is rich in cloud education resources, including stories, children's songs, and national studies. combined with puzzle games, it has a subtle influence on children.

In addition, its host unit is equipped with AR small Cards, 3D & AR technology and augmented reality to stimulate baby's sensory experience in multiple aspects.

Tuantuanyong is an intelligent robot for early childhood development, with the appearance of a "rice ball" design, and the color of Baymax white, oval shape, it is very cute. Tuantuanyong is free to walk and dance with rotatable arms on both sides, and a universal wheel and two wheels at the bottom!

Idiom stories, children's songs, poems, Chinese study, science, English, prose and other resources, completely interactive APP access to the Himalayan repository, more than 10000 stories, music, literature, etc.. The cloud resources is continuously updating.

In addition to showcasing robot products, the show showcases high-tech products such as driverless minibuses, light and stylish smart cars and smart remote-controlled drones. If you miss this opportunity, you will be waiting for next year.


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