Light Business Projection Robot YYD-2
Light Business Projection Robot · YYD-2
Office recreation; Alternate work with rest
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YYD-2 “The craftsmanship is the best”

Basic functions: video monitoring, sound localization, intelligent anti-drop, smart reminder and voice interaction;

Advanced functions: business projection, motion sensitive games, remote video, home theater and more. 

Business projector; Office helper

Turn on the projector through voice command; start business in a minute, read, move and store files quicker; make work becomes more convenient and smooth.

"Xiao yong, help me to turn on the projector" "OK, master, projector turned on."

Motion sensing game; 3D rendering scene

3D depth image processing technology is used to capture body motion in real time and control the game through body movements; "whole body" game creates a real and super pleasure experience. It can be matched with mobile phone, computer and TV (wireless with screen or HDMI line); with 1080*720 pixel HD resolution projector, it brings a more immersive interactive experience. A perfect combination of games and sports to make your life healthier. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Remote monitor
Click on the phone APP to turn on the remote video, and you can switch from the company to home. There is no distance between home and workplace with YYD-2.
Home theater; Watch a movie on a big screen
YYD ROBO won the magic video network, including more than 90% of the new movies in the domestic theaters, and also support the installation of iQIYI, Tencent video and other playback software. Big screen view, shock experience, and vertical + 40 °trapezoid correction meet all needs of various sizes of projection. Maximum allowable size: 45 inches.
  • More than 90% of new films in domestic theaters
  • Vertical + 40 °trapezoid correction
  • Maximum allowable size: 45 inches
CPU MTK communication 4 core 1.3Ghz platform scheme
Memory/storage 2GB/16GB
Battery capacity 6700mAh
Display 5-inch HD720*1280 with multi-touch feature
Size 169.4mmx157mmx302mm
Net weight 2450g (with battery)
Material ABS
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