Intelligent Education Robot YYD-6
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Early educationTracking gamesInteraction
Chinese-English translationDialogue
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Poetry & Enlightenment

YYD-6 tells stories and makes the story roles vividly show up; There are massive educational resourses including Chinese classics Learning, Chinese ancient poetry learning and nursery rhymes learning. The children will become a little genius under the subtle influence of YYD-6.

Voice interactive & Chinese-English translation

Long press the button on the head and make free dialogues with YYD-6. It can kindle children’s curiosity to explore the world and no longer feel lonely.The children can ask YYD-6 thousands of questions! At the same time, the abundant cloud resources in English translation and the Himalayan resource base are implanted with English enlightenment educational resources, including New Concept English Series, IELTS English Series and other English learning resources.

Parent-child communication; Zero barrier communication
Parents can communicate with children and learn about their inner world through the interactive APP; join the micro-chat group to achieve multi-party interaction; learn about the latest baby's happiness and sorrow based on the conversation between the robot and the children; 
Q cute packaging & Quick-witted
Similar "rice ball" Q cute design; light white color; oval shape with arms that is rotatable on both sides; wings with an inductive zone; bottom with a gimbal wheel and two orienteers enable free walk and dance!
Play tracking games to exercise ability
Children can draw black road map on the white paper, Intelligent Early Education Robot YYD-6 will look for treasures on the map according to the black line drew by the children, which exercises their abilities of painting and creation. Have fun with it!
YYD ROBO interactive APP recommends high-quality contents
YYD ROBO interactive APP is connected to the Himalayan resource base, which contains updated resources of the synchronized audio books of grade 1-9, 10,000 + stories, music, literature and other cloud resources.
CPU Ap8064(MCU)
Memory/Storage 8GB TF card
Battery capacity 3.7V.2600mAh
Screen LCD screen (128 * 64) with 5 color backlight
Mechanical part hand linkage; 3 walking wheels
System YYD OS
Material ABS
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