Education Companion Robot YYD-7
Intelligence development & Happy learning (YYD-7)
Children's early educationMagic ARAudio and video entertainment
Face recognition Audio and video photography Video monitoring
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“Parenting & Early education & Puzzle games”

Kids can play with puzzle games to know natural knowledge and form good habits; sing children's songs to inspire the language talent; know Chinese literature; enhance visual sense of space; broaden horizons and increase the sense of logic. It will be a small helper for children. 8 systems, 10,000 + contents and abundant cloud resources can synchronize the audio book of grade 1-9, and keep updating!

Equipped with 96 AR Cards covering the knowledge of birds, animals, insects, plants and vehicles, using 3D+AR technology to stimulate baby's sensory experience.Pure Chinese and English pronunciation of hand-eye interactive game, improve the baby's memory, imagination and practical ability in all aspects.

  • 3DTechnology
  • ARTechnology
  • 96AR Cards
Video entertainment with big TV screen
With built-in intelligent host and insert HDMI cable, it can connect with TV, realize video screen and expand functions. Network broadcast, network video play and other functions can also be realized. Brand new voice commands makes operation convenient and flexible. You can also use voice control to play music, switch TV channels, and adjust the volume.
"Xiao yong, I want to listen to Andy Lau's song""Last song, next song""Louder"
Face recognition and rapid identification
Education companion robot · YYD-7 will familiar with you for the first time when the face has identified and remembered. It remembers you forever as long as it recognized your face, and will talk to you flexibly.
Voice FunSnap records happy times
By using Face dynamic tracking function, You can take photos by voice commands and when the robot walks on the desktop, it will not falling down with the smart anti-drop function, and the family can also have fun.
Video monitoring & Bring love home
By downloading YYD-7 interactive APP, you can make video calls and set up the lovely baby alarm. Meantime, you can also command YYD-7 to check around and view the house situation through video monitoring to protect the safety of family members.
Memory MTK8016
Memory/Storage 1GB/16GB
Battery capacity 4400mAh
Screen 5in 720*1280
Size 300mm*175mm*163mm
Speaker Built-in dual speakers with BOX 40MM*2,3W stereo sound
Material ABS
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