Company Profile
China's Educational Robot Industry Leader(中国教育机器人产业领导者)

YYD Robo Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation R&D enterprise centered on artificial intelligence and robotic ontology technology. Its main products are intelligent education robots and commercial service robots.

The company is mainly engaged in the import and export of intelligent hardware such as intelligent service robots, scooters, balance vehicles, and children's educational robots, as well as the promotion, advertising and export trade of 3c electronic products. Gained a comprehensive sales network worldwide. The company has its own brand YYDROBO, which has been registered in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Poland and other countries.

Key technologies developed independently include adaptive AI interaction, NLP, and autonomous walking. The company has strong research and development strength and talent advantage, and has accumulated about 200 technical patents. The company has launched a number of intelligent education robots and the first domestic ten thousand square mete -level scene service robots, and built the YYD cloud platform. The cloud platform has been in operation for 4 years, providing users with about 3 billion services.

Educational robots mainly focus on educational scenes, focusing on artificial intelligence and safety education. YYD Use AI technologies such as NLP, CV and ect. to create a personalized and visual interactive experience of safety education. YYD have the most comprehensive safety knowledge content in the industry and create an artificial intelligence security education platform based on educational robots.

The commercial robot is centered on the airport application scenario and extends to bank, government, hospitals and other scenarios, providing intelligent business processing, autonomous delivery and other services, and is the first autonomous mobile application in the industry to achieve commercial 10,000 square meters. At present, YYD Robo T1 has carried out security inspection services at Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and other airports; YYD Robo A1 has entered about 200 domestic airports, with more than 1 billion passengers per year.

Brand Culture
Vision • Spirit • Culture • Slogan
  • Vision
  • Spirit
    Brave will reach
  • Culture
    Innovation, streamline and win-win
  • Slogan
    Love is YYD ROBO
  • The initial establishment
    In 2013, YYD Robo Co., Ltd. was established. It is one of the first national hi-tech enterprises engaged in R & D of home and commercial intelligent service robots. Headquarter is in Shenzhen, China, it owns 100,000 square meters of Intelligent Robot Manufacturing Base , has a strong supply chain management system and all channel marketing system, has a very mature and stable robot industrialization.
    Innovation and development
    In November 2015, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly establish "Zhongyong YYD ROBO Laboratory" and established deep cooperation with China Mobile, IFLYTEK and so on.
  • Continuous development
    YYD ROBO invested a joint Lab with SC advanced R&D team, it emphasis on depth study, machine vision, NLP, human-machine interaction etc.
    Toward the world
    In September 2017, YYD ROBO focused on cutting-edge global AI technologies and resource integration, as well as Marketing in the United States, launching a global strategy and moving into the world.
Scale Status
  • 100,000square meters
    Manufacture base
  • 180
    Top technicians
  • More than 200
    Technology patent

On October 24th, 2018, iFLYTEK launched and hosted the 2018 Global 1024 Developers Festival with the theme of “AI Chasing, Smart and Colorful”. In this event, YYD was specially awarded the title of ‘Excellent Partner’ and ‘Leading Breakthrough Award’.

On October 24th, 2018, YYD won the recognition and favor of professional delegations and judges in the "2018 Smart Manufacturing Annual Summit" for its outstanding performance in brand building, technological innovation and business model. , won the 2018 China Smart Manufacturing ‘Golden Great Wall Award’ – ‘Excellence in Growth Innovation Enterprise Award’.

On October 19th, 2018, YYD won the "Second China Intelligent Terminal Excellence Award" in the highly regarded ‘2018 China Intelligent Terminal Industry Conference and the 2nd China Intelligent Terminal Awards Ceremony’.

In December 2016, Shenzhen YYD ROBO Co., Ltd. won the “Shenzhen Robot Technology Innovation Award 2016”from Shenzhen Robot Association.
On November 1, 2016, at the 18th China International High-Tech Fair, Shenzhen YYD ROBO Co., Ltd. won the“Outstanding Product Award”for its light business projector robot.
On October 21, 2016, Shenzhen YYD ROBO Co., Ltd. won the “2016 Intelligent Robot Pioneer Award”at the 3rd HCFT Intelligent Hardware Supply Chain Conference and Brand Gala.
On August 18, 2016, YYD ROBO won the“Annual Quality Leadership Award”at the First Smart Home Appliance Summit in China.