Robotic Industry Outlook
According to reports, the national market size in 2021 can reach 33.6 billion dollar. The domestic service robot applications and products are mainly concentrated on companion robots, educational robots, entertainment robots, medical robots and guiding robots.
Market Needs
  • Aging needs
    Nowadays, our elderly population has reached almost 150 million, accounting 21.4% of the global population. At present, the current status of most cities in China is young people work outside while old people left unattended and accompanied in rural areas. There is a huge demand gap for accompanying robots.
  • Left-behind children's needs
    At present, there are about 902 million left-behind children in our country. For now, education companion robots are a good bridge for the left-behind children's emotional needs to their parents.
  • Education robot needs
    Nowadays, most adults work outside, and many children are separated from their parents. However, since the iteration of knowledge is faster and faster, many grandparents can not give guidance to their grandchildren. Therefore, the demand for educational robot is growing.
  • Business robot needs
    It has become a common understanding that robots provide commercial system services to banks, restaurants and other businesses. Commercial robots have gradually entered in the middle and high-end commercial circle, replacing some of the labor force, and effectively saved the costs.
Core Advantages
  • 勇艺达研究院
    Technical advantages
    The company has 180 research and development team, including software, hardware, ID design, structure, algorithms engineers for the quick iteration of various kinds of products. The research institute is located in the research and development of advanced technology of artificial intelligence robot, including face recognition, emotion recognition, machine vision, NLP, deep learning, neural network, human-computer interaction, etc.
  • Supply chain advantages
    It owns 100,000 square meters technology park, with a complete manufacturing chain and the advantages of large-scale production; 95% of the products were made by the group; a strong supply chain system to ensure cost advantages.
  • Intelligent service robot product planning
    In order to meet the needs of market development, YYD robot constantly innovates and devotes itself to developing service robots with different functions in various fields such as business, home use, education and medical services.
  • YYD ROBO’s cooperation partner
    YYD ROBO has founded "Zhongyong Yong Yi Robot Laboratory" with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and has built deep cooperation with Intel, China Mobile, Harbin Institute of Technology and etc..
"China Merchants" Policy Support
  • Image display support
    The company's unified VI image; the unified display of storefront door head; exhibition table; display wall and Roll Screen.
  • Brand promotion support
    Internet promotion; mobile new media promotion; campaign promotion and internet advertising.
  • Broadcast publicity material support
    Video, picture album, single page, H5 and enterprise journal materials support.
  • Material gift support
    Environmental tote bags, advertising shirts and fine small gift support.
  • Regular training support
    Provide product knowledge, purchase etiquette and dialogue marketing training.
  • Technical support
    Core technical support and after-sales service support.
  • Market support
    Implement a unified pricing system and reasonable profit margins; Carry out tight access control and market management to protect customers from counterfeit, stampeding, low-price dumping.
  • Incentive policy support
    A certain amount of material and policy rewards will be given if the agent completes the annual tasks agreed in the contract and actively coordinates the company's standardized operation in the actual operation.
  • Win-win cooperation agreement
    Signing specific contracts for every different agents; Sign agreements with specific dealers and partners.
Seizing business opportunities, Not hesitating to lose hundreds of billions market.