Hot questions

  • How to delete the bundled user’s information of YYD-F5?

    Click “view the bound list”→slide the number to the left→delete signs appears→click “delete”.

  • An "untrusted enterprise developer" hint prompted the iphone when download the APP ?

    Settings→General→Device Management→Choose "Shenzhen Weihai Interactive Technology Co,Ltd"→Click “Trust”.

  • YYD-F5 is always in the state of voice acceptance, how to make it stop?

    YYD-F5 has the monitoring function, after awakening, it will receive the corresponding key words to reflect. Touch its jaw to make it in standby mode and stop the monitoring.

  • How does YYD-F5 store the telephone contacts inside the robot? How do I make a call?

    Create a new contact: click on YYD-F5 page --- turn on the phone --- click the icon on the top right corner - select “create a new contact”. Make phone calls: under the state of arousal, speak to YYD-F5 like “ make a phone call with Anna.”

  • Can YYD-F5 make phone calls? Can we make video calls?

    Yes. Plug in 4G phone card to use 4G traffic when there is no Wi-Fi. YYD-F5 can make video calls through mobile APP.

  • How do you save a picture of YYD-F5 on the mobile phone?

    Open phone APP---bind YYD-F5---open Album---click refresh---open pictures---long press the picture to save it to the local file system.

  • Can the screen of YYD-F5 be controlled? What is the screen resolution?

    Yes. Select the page to enter the marquee by rotating, and click enter; Screen resolution is 1280*720.

  • What’s the stand-by time, work time and charging time? What is the battery capacity?

    Stand-by time: 15 days. Work time: 12 hours (uninterrupted operation). Charging time: 7-9 hours. Battery capacity: 17200mAh (3.7V).

  • How do you import the files into the robot after YYD-F5 is connected to the USB drive?

    Click Home Page --- access Tool --- open File Management --- copy and paste directly.

  • Can YYD-F5 insert into memory cards? How big is the memory? Can you put it outside?

    No. YYD-F5 has 16GB memory. It can be placed or imported through OTG line.

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