Hot questions

  • How many micro chat group can YYD-6 have? and how many members each micro chat group can be added?

    YYD-6 can build 20 different micro chat groups, each micro chat group can add up to 20 members.

  • Can we download digital audio to YYD-6?

    Yes, the USB port below the back of the robot can connect to the computer, find the "download" file, import the content, and find the "download" on the menu button to play; 8G memory allows the download of MP3 format files.

  • Will the software continue to be updated?

    Periodically update, please do not turn off the machine during updating, wait for the restart after the update, re-connect and use the binding again.

  • Is the arm broken easily? What is the bearing force?

    The product is not easy to break under normal use. Lateral pull: 12 Kg, vertical lift: 40 Kg. It is not recommended to pull the arm frequently. If there is any damage, you can contact the after-sales for maintenance.

  • An "untrusted enterprise developer" hint prompted the iphone when download the APP ?

    Settings→General→Device Management→Choose "Shenzhen Weihai Interactive Technology Co,Ltd"→Click “Trust”.

  • How to download mobile APP?

    Scan the "APP QR code" on the bottom of the box to download mobile APP. Android version is for Android phones and iOS version is for iphone .

  • What’s the LED indicator of YYD-6?

    "Low power";"charging": red. "In the boot process";"listening": blue. "Charge completed";"receive information": green.

  • What’s the charging time and standby time?

    The charging time is about 4 hours and standby time is about 8 hours. It is recommended to power off if it is not used.

  • How to set up and modify the personal hotspot name of iPhone share?

    Click "Settings", sliding down, find the "general", click "About" and the "name" column, change the name to "YYD", click "done" to return, a new user name has been set up. Then go to "Settings" - "personal hotspots", open "personal hotspots" and edit Wi-Fi hotspot password: 12345678; restart, YYD-6 will automatically connect with the network within about 10 seconds.

  • How to do Wi-Fi networking, and bind machine number?

    The phone needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Internet. Step 1: click mobile APP devices to start networking; Step 2: click and hold the chat button and the micro-chat button (about 3 seconds of black screen) to start networking. Step 3: enter Wi-Fi username and password and click "start configuration network"; Step 4: connect the load page, click "set Wi-Fi", and manually switch Wi-Fi to robot_ap according to the notification, then wait for the "success of the network". Step 5: click the "device binding" and press the chat button to inquire about the equipment number; the robot can be bound after entering the equipment number.

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