YYD ROBO Entered Shenzhen Airport And Became The Highlight of The Security Channel

2017-10-14   By admin

On September 30, 2017, YYD robots walked into Shenzhen Bao’an international airport. 27 "little guardians" from YYD ROBO appeared in the security lane at Shenzhen airport to provide "intelligence service" for passengers.The design of the base of the "little guardians" aircraft of YYD ROBO is novel, which makes the overall design fit the airport service scene.

In the security lane, the unique appearance of YYD ROBO has not only attracted eyeballs, but also enabled passengers to pay attention to security, discard cigarette lighters and other banned substances before boarding the plane. In addition, the robot can also automatically broadcast "hello, Shenzhen airport welcome you", "thank you for your cooperation" and other service terms.The "smart service" of YYD ROBO has not only improved the efficiency of security work, but also effectively alleviated the anxiety of passengers for waiting for security check.

In recent years, Shenzhen airport has been committed to continuous improvement and innovation in service, management, technology and development, in order  to build a smart airport for the construction of "the most concrete inspection airport".YYD ROBO and Shenzhen airport are consistent in the development concept that creates intelligent life for people. The birth of a series of products, such as intelligent early education robots xiao xiao yong, family entertainment robot xiao yong, is improving people's quality of life and making people's life more intelligent.

In the new era of artificial intelligence, the cooperation between YYD ROBO and Shenzhen airport will bring unique wisdom to people's travel experience. In the future, the robot will continuously explore and innovate to improve people's lives, and lead people into a new era of intelligence...


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