YYD ROBO and Qixin Intelligent Reached a Strategic Cooperation, and Seek Common Development

2017-09-12   By admin

On September 7, 2017, shenzhen yyd robo co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YYD ROBO") and Shenzhen Qixin Building Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qixin Intelligent") strategic cooperation signing ceremony Held in Shenzhen.YYD ROBO. chairman Wu Yongmou, Ye Hua, chairman of Qixin Building Intelligent and general manager Xiao Han attended the signing ceremony.

In the signing ceremony, the two sides conducted a deep discussion on robot R & D, domestic & international robot industry development trend, development prospects and intelligent home, intelligent city and other issues.In the future, the two sides will be engaged in deep cooperation in fields of robots, smart homes and Internet platforms.

At the meeting, the general manager of Qixin intelligent, Ye Hua, has introduced the development of Qixin group and the intelligence corporation, and the strategy of Qixin group's decorative Internet and the robotics project.He said that the cooperation between two sides in the field of robotics is mutually beneficial and a win-win cooperation. He also expressed great expectations for the further cooperation.  

Mr. Wu, Chairman of YYD ROBO, said that cooperation between the two sides is a Powerful combination and a mutually beneficial choice.Today, as technology becomes a productive force, YYD ROBO appreciated Qixin's courage to innovate and transform, and the great confidence in future projects.

In the age of the Internet, artificial intelligence has become an important part of future development. With the strong combination of both sides, Qixin Intelligent and YYD ROBO will push forward the development of the domestic service robotics industry, bringing new energy into the robotics industry, and injecting new hope together.


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