World Robot Conference, Scientific Leads Life, Here Is the Era of Robot!

2017-08-29   By admin

What is your impression of robots? Are they as smart as T-800 in “The Terminator” and protect their masters loyally? Will future robots attack human being? What era will it be after the era of internet?

2017 World Robot Conference was held in grand Beijing International Exhibition & Convention Center on August 23rd ~ 27th. The theme of the Conference was “innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, welcome society of intelligence”, and the Conference consisted of three sections: Forum, Expo and Robot Competition; sophisticated products from hundreds of top domestic and foreign enterprises were shown. As one of pioneering enterprises in China service robot industry, shenzhen yyd robo co.,ltd. attended the Conference with their several various robot products.

Since the issuing of “China Manufacturing 2025”, China robot enterprises sprang up across the whole country, different kinds of robots were invented and put into use in daily life, application of robots became common and common. Robots were considered as technology and product in the past, but now they are treated like a new species.

一、New State of Relevant Technologies in Robot Area

Compared with robots shown in previous expos, there were new changes and development trends of relevant technologies of robots shown in 2017 World Robot Conference.For example, voice technology of IFLYTEK can realize simultaneous interpretation; business robot of YYD has mastered autonomously planning path, automatically avoiding obstacles, image recognition and etc. Great breakthroughs on action logic, positioning accuracy and reacting speed were found in products of this Conference.

二、Biomimicry and Precision Medicine Robots

With the increasingly aging population and the emergence of precision medicine concept, in recent years, medicine robots captured much attention and expect a promising future. Surgical systems led by DaVinci had been introduced by many large domestic and foreign hospitals. It is estimated that the scale of global medicine robot market will reach 20.7 billion USD by 2021.

In addition, ant robot, jellyfish robot, insect robot and many other bionic robots were also displayed in 2017 World Robot Conference. In the future, these robots will be used for GPS, collection, undersea welding etc.

三、Children Education Robots Led the Trend of the Conference

Many robot enterprises exhibited their education robots of different shapes in public service Robot Exhibition Section, including human-shaped, pet-shaped, “ball-shaped” and “egg-shaped” robots.

YYD Robot exhibition platform was crowded with people; intelligent early childhood education robot -- Xiaoyong Robot -- was widely popular with parents and children. Xiaoyong Robot can react on voice orders and make wonderful movements and expressions.

YYD staff introduced that Xiaoyong Robot owns massive education resources; it can help children learn Pinyin, English, Math, poems, encyclopedic knowledge, idiom stories and ancient Chinese etc., with adorable shape and cute body movements, Xiaoyong Robot turns learning into joy for children.

With the thorough implementation of Innovation Driven Development Strategy, comprehensive strength of China is increased constantly and rapid development of China robot industry is realized.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended in 2017 World Robot Conference and gave a speech at the Opening Ceremony, she said that the Chinese government is thoroughly implementing Innovation Driven Development Strategy, focusing on and promoting innovations in robot technologies, products, operation types and modes, completing prudential supervision mechanism with an open mind for innovations, actively participating in global innovation network and driving deep integration of robots into production and life; all countries shall grasp this great historical opportunity and work together to strengthen robot innovation and cooperation.


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