Drones Were Hot in 2015; VR Was Hot in 2016; What Will Be Hot in 2017? Find the Answer at the American CES Show

2017-01-05   By admin

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, In recent years, almost every year, there's a hot, intelligent terminal product that has been the new favorite of the market. The apple iphone 3gs in 2009, the tablet in 2010, Internet cell phones in 2011, smart TVS in 2012, smart set-top boxes in 2013, smart watches in 2014, drones in 2015, VR in 2016.However, according to the historical change of the market these past years, the attention people paid on intelligent terminal products has gradually changed with the time goes by while some hot products in past years have cooled down easily after the period.

So the question is, what kind of smart terminal products will be on the rise this year?

From January 6 to 9, 2017, the CES international consumer electronics show, hosted by the consumer electronics manufacturers association of America, will be held in Las Vegas, America's famous Casino. As the world's largest consumer electronics technology exhibition and the consumer technology industry event, CES exhibition of has provided a platform for numerous leading industries of electronic products and black technology from the beginning of the creation.

According to CES official statistics, there are 1294 exhibitors in China as trademarks, (excluding some Chinese enterprises participating in the name of the United States branch), which accounted for 32% of the total. In terms of quantity only, Chinese enterprises have propped up half of the CES show. In these Chinese enterprises, Guangdong enterprises accounted for 71%.

2016 is the 60th anniversary of the birth of artificial intelligence. Review the year, Domestic BAT and other Internet giants view artificial intelligence as the next outlet of a relay baton of mobile internet. The world's major technology companies have acquired a number of artificial intelligence start-ups to occupy a place in the market.

In the current CES exhibition, there is no lack of robot enterprise figure, Take shenzhen yyd robo co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YYD ROBO) as an example, YYD ROBO is the most representative high-tech enterprise of robot R&D and sale. This time, Yong Yi Da attended this consumer electronics festival with the Xiao Yong intelligent robot series including early education robot, companion robot, light projection business robot, family robot and business robot.

This is the first time that YYD ROBO has ever stepped out of the country to participate in such a grand international scientific and technological event to show the charm of "made in China" to the whole world. At the current CES show, the company will also officially launch YYD ROBO, an overseas brand, which announced its entry into overseas markets. But in fact, YYD ROBO has already successfully opened up the Italian market.

Looking around the entire service robotics industry, in both R&D and sales,   YYDROBO has always been a pioneer that activities in China in the development of AI tec. As popular artificial intelligence robots are increasingly being demanded, an artificial intelligence trend will eventually be ignited.

In fact, whether it's China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India or Japan, in recent years, the Asian technology industry has been standing on the global stage in a remarkable manner. 2017 will be a year of rapid development of AI industry. The Asian technology industry, led by China's Guangdong province, will be an important force in the development of artificial intelligence.


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