Robotics Industry Big News: YYD ROBO Went to CCTV; Chairman Wu Yongmou Attended The “DEMO CHINA” Premiere Ceremony

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On January 18, 2018, “DEMO CHINA” held a grand opening ceremony in Beijing, which is a large high-definition documentary produced by CCTV and the propaganda department of Shenzhen municipal party committee. "DEMO CHINA", the epic scale of the "brief history of time" in modern Chinese entrepreneurship, will officially hit the CCTV documentary channel. Wu Yongmou, The chairman & CEO of YYD ROBO, Who as an entrepreneur representative in the field of domestic service robot and also one of the entrepreneurial stars of the documentary, was invited to attend the premiere.

Innovation leads the road to the rise of Great Powers; innovation is the key that supports the rise  and progress of a nation. As a tribute of the 19th CPC National Congress, “DEMO CHINA” aims at "innovation and entrepreneurship", and deeply excavates enterprises, characters and projects that show innovative power in various fields across the country. Through such a high-end and authoritative window of China central television (CCTV), “DEMO CHINA” demonstrated to the people of the world the innovative features of Chinese entrepreneurs and the achievements of China's innovative development.While highlighting the power of the great nation, it also shows the Chinese audience the secrets of innovative wealth that can be copied and copied.

The Biggest Names Gathered Together to Witness China's Innovation Power.

It is reported that there are six parts of “DEMO CHINA”, which are information, energy, manufacturing, life, air&sea and tide separately. Each part records the great innovation practice of current China with vivid stories. On the day of the premiere, the program's main team, column support unit, the leading role of the film, a host of stars, and a number of specialists, entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurship representatives attended the premiere ceremony to help launch the program on the evening of January 22; Chief director of “DEMO CHINA” Shi Yan, Shenzhen radio and television President Yue Chuanjiang, well-known CCTV host Zhu Jun are all shew At the scene, even Ms. Li Ruiying, a former celebrity anchor who has been retired backstage, has made a rare appearance to witness the opening of a record-breaking blockbuster of the ups and downs of China's top entrepreneurial elite. Chen Jianhua, ’Ouyang Zhu, Wang Zhonglin, Gong Xianzhu, these four innovative scientists made a collective appearance at the scene to share their experience of innovation, discuss the new opportunities of China's innovation in the new era with the entrepreneurial characters in the documentary, and write a brief history of Chinese entrepreneurship.

Chen Jianhua, ’Ouyang Zhu, Wang Zhonglin, Gong Xianzhu Cheer on The Spot

The Future Is on The Way; Super Visitors Comes to CCTV

At the premiere ceremony, the Business Greeting Robot Y128A and the Family Companion Robot YYD-3 both made their show. At the beginning of the ceremony, the Business Greeting Robot Y128A greets "Finally, man! I am here waiting for a long time” , it instantly narrowed the distance and built trust with the public. At the scene, YYD ROBO’s staff explained to all guests and demonstrated the operation of Y128A. Then Y128A did its part and served as "the ambassador" for the premiere, and constantly broadcast the column information of the “DEMO CHINA”, which was very caring. Just by give Y128A a voice command, it can intelligently feedback immediately, whether it is answering user questions or performing various tasks (such as playing video, music, etc.). Its powerful voice interaction won the praise of the presence.

Besides, the staff also demonstrated another function of Y128A---Autonomous navigation and autonomous obstacle avoidance. Based on the perception of the surrounding environment, it can build "autonomous consciousness", perform tasks such as autonomous positioning and navigation and autonomous planning of path avoidance. Intelligent robots need to have various abilities, including powerful recognition, perception, understanding, judgment, action, interaction, cloud processing, deep learning and more, among which, independent positioning and navigation, self-protection obstacle form the core and most essential technologies. Service robots are as the same, only in this way of “walk” can the robots realize smarter companionship, assistance and other more functions.

The Booth of Business Greeting Robot Y128A --- CCTV Premiere

At present, based on constant technical innovation, YYD ROBO has taken a solid step toward smart robotization on the development of service robots, which is an industry trend and also the market demand. After the CCTV special report, YYD ROBO’s robot will quickly come to the stage from behind the scenes and walk into every household. “We are constantly deepening and understanding the concept of 'intelligence' and strive to create more interactive and intelligent service robots for human beings. We are making a contribution to promoting the universal access of service robots in all walks of life as soon as possible.” --- A responsible person from YYD ROBO revealed to the reporters.

Four Years of Precipitation; CCTV Writes Legend

It is understood that YYD ROBO, founded by Mr. Wu Yongmou, is the first group of enterprises engaged in service robots in China. In the past four years, driven by the spirit of innovation, YYO ROBO has been acting as a pioneer in the development of domestic service robot and pushing it forward. With a highly fit with “DEMO CHINA”, Mr. Wu was interviewed by China Central Television on September 28, 2017, and told the story of the co-growth of the company and service robot industry. From seizing the opportunity to the constant breakthrough of innovation and the  achievement of the leapfrog development in the entire process, Mr. Wu also shared his view about the environment and concept of entrepreneurship in service robot industry. The interview details will be presented in “DEMO CHINA” in the form of documentaries.

Mr. Wu Yongmou Was Interviewed by CCTV at The Headquarter of YYD ROBO in Shenzhen

The emergence and development of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing have brought a group of forward-looking elites into the tide of entrepreneurship. As a high-profile product part of artificial intelligence, new entrepreneur in service robots continue to emerge. Among those entrepreneurs, YYD ROBO, founded in October, 2013, has set up a research and development team of up to 180 people start from scratch, to the birth of robots one by one, and from unknown to the industry vanguard after four years of technology precipitation. From solitary fight to the cooperation with China Mobile, IFLYTEK, South Korea's LG Group and other tech behemoths one after another; from zero-technology foundation to more than 200 patents and many areas of core technology now, Mr. Wu boarded CCTV stage with his entrepreneurial story and write the legend of YYD ROBO with an unprecedented new level, which is a handful of inspirational cases in the whole industry. His business experience encourages a large numbers of ventures, and the enterprise strength of YYD ROBO in the industry has been affirmed again.

Greatness Worth Remembered

What’s reflected behind the focus coverage from CCTV, is YYD ROBO’s great achievement under the leadership of Mr. Wu after four years of precipitation and the affirmation of the extraordinary innovation strength of YYD ROBO. Wu Yongmou's forward-looking strategic vision and insight in the emerging industry of service robots is revealed and the vigorous momentum and strong staying power of the brave and progressive entrepreneurial team of YYD ROBO is demonstrated. 

At the premiere ceremony, Mr. Wu Yongmou accepted live interview from CCTV reporters, when it comes to being selected by CCTV and becoming one of the entrepreneur character in "DEMO CHINA", Mr. Wu said he was lucky enough to have it. He introduced that his first battlefield was not actually service robot industry, but electronic consumer and smart hardware products, the rise of artificial intelligence let him see the huge hidden opportunities behind service robots, so he decided to engage in the industry of service robots. From manufacturing to high-tech industries, his entrepreneurial experience seems like a "miniature film" about Shenzhen's three decades of reform and opening up. From the growth of labor-intensive enterprises before the reform and opening up to the continuous adjustment of industrial structure after the reform and opening up, Shenzhen gradually becomes the largest and most agglomerated city in the strategic emerging industries in China, and it has become a "city of reform and innovation" with a number of innovations achievements lead and surprise the world. Chinese outstanding entrepreneurs with tough and innovative spirit like Mr. Wu Yongmou, has left precious manuscripts for the history of struggle and development of ethnic enterprises with their struggle experience.

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