Focus Report on YYD ROBO, CCTV “DEMO CHINA” Perfectly Ended!

2018-01-30   By admin

The six-episode high-definition documentary "DEMO CHINA", jointly produced by China central television and Shenzhen radio and television group, has been a perfect success. The final program named "tide" , broadcast on Jan. 27, focused on "YYD ROBO" --- the first group of domestic high-tech enterprises engaged in the service robot, reported the story of encourage, innovation and hard work in the field of service robot.

The documentary is based on the background of artificial intelligence, focusing on the thriving service robot field, reported “YYD ROBO ” as an industry example through interviews and live action, letting hundreds of millions of viewers get to know about  the development of domestic service robots. The service robot has successfully changed from concept to reality and gradually entered into China's thousands of families. The service robots are expected to make greater achievements in China's scientific and technological innovation.


The program spotlighted on the R&D base of YYD ROBO in Shenzhen, and focused on a series of service robots from smart home robots that has successfully been put into mass production and broke into the consumer market to educational robots that captured the maximum segment market of service robots, to humanoid robots and medical care robots that indicates the next round of industry development. Through a introduction to the application case of these service robots, the viewers got a intuitive and profound understanding about the industry and became closer with service robots. This program not only recognized the innovation achievements made by YYD ROBO, but also presented a solid, real and objective industry of service robots to the audience and praised the prominent contribution of YYD ROBO in scientific and technological innovation by digging into the industry background, studying the industry development and combines with the current discussion on numerous hot topics of service robots(such as entrepreneurship, service robot generation, etc.).


The program conducted a special interview with Mr Wu, the founder of YYD ROBO. From the mobile phone consumer products to the transformation and creation of YYD ROBO, Mr. Wu has spent four years leading the enterprise to successfully enter the first echelon of the service robot industry. In his own way, he explained to "DEMO CHINA" his own alternative innovation and entrepreneurship story with the gesture of an ordinary entrepreneur. Mr Wu's entrepreneurial experience is not "spectacular" and "dramatic", but it is also thought-provoking and admirable. His wonderful story is quiet but contains great wisdom. He is the truest portrayal of all the self-confidence, self-respect, but not mediocre ordinary entrepreneurs who have struggled at the forefront of China's technological innovation.

It is understood that YYD ROBO was founded in October 2013. At that time, the service robot industry was still in the early stage of development, and there was no explosive demand. Mr Wu is forging ahead in his exploration and innovation. He mentioned that YYD ROBO attached great importance to research and development  and always put innovation first. The company spends a lot of money on innovative research, so as to ensure the technology lead and ensure that the products can be updated quickly and not be eliminated by the market. After four years of development, YYD ROBO, leaded by Mr. Wu, has formed a research and development team of 180 people with over 200 patents and core technologies in many fields.

artificial intelligence

As for the business model, YYD ROBO is also far ahead in the industry. At the end of 2017, YYD ROBO is the first one in the industry to build a Shared platform, and consumers thus can use different robot products provided by the platform in the form of leasing. The intelligent robot is no longer a luxury used by few people, but it has landed in thousands of households at an affordable price. This initiative has promoted the comprehensive penetration of the service robot industry into the market, which is of great significance to the development of society.

"DEMO CHINA" has obtained the latest and most comprehensive information of the domestic service robot industry through YYD ROBO, it shows the dynamic service robot industry to the Chinese audience, and finds the most authentic and representative material for the spirit of "innovation and entrepreneurship" promoted by the film. Mr. Wu stressed that YYD ROBO is constantly deepening and understanding the concept of "artificial intelligence", YYD ROBO will strive to develop higher-level interactive and intelligent service robots for human beings and make due contributions to promote the comprehensive popularization of service robots in all walks of life and make “reform and innovation” become a name card of China!


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