Phoenix TV interview YYD Robo to demystify the development of AI robots

2019-01-14   By admin

As a great product of this era, AI robots have received extensive attention from the public since the birth of AI. How to make AI products more practical and acceptable to the public? This is a feasible development path that YYD Robo has explored in the process of opening up the market.

On November 25th,‘Odyssey of the Dragon’ column of Phoenix TV broadcasted an in-depth report about Shenzhen YYD Robo Co., Ltd., revealing the development path of AI robots that are currently widely concerned by the society.

Adapt to the development trend of the times, carry out economic transformation in time.

In the program, Wu Yongmou, Chairman of YYD Robo Co., Ltd. talked about the company's development process. The company has carried out a lot of exploration in the development process. In 2013, it began to transform into the field of intelligent robots. From the very beginning of the medical robots to the smart home robots, the research and market development of educational robots and large-scale humanoid service robots were later locked.

YYD Robo T1, large-scale humanoid service robot, has intelligent visual recognition system, natural language system, intelligent business system, humanoid emotion system, stereo environment sensing system, motion control system, and safety automatic recharge system, for open SDK and many other functions.

Make AI robots to help improving the status of education.

AI has already gone down the altar. We have seen the combination of AI and many industries, and have seen many applications of AI, and are accustomed to an increasingly intelligent lifestyle.

According to the survey, a family spends more than 30% of its total household income on education. Education makes science progress continuously, and innovation enables the society to develop continuously. It is obvious how important this is. Improving the current imbalance in the distribution of educational resources in the country and giving every child and family a fair educational opportunity are the goals pursued by YYD Robo.

Refined manufacturing let AI educational robots serve the people.

Through unremitting efforts, YYD Robo has developed a large-scale humanoid service robot such as YYD Robo T1 robot that can provide services for large organizations (such as airport halls, mobile business halls, etc.) to improve service quality and level. The related technologies have been applied to develop educational robots such as YYD Robo F2, YYD Robo F3 and YYD Robo F5, which are in line with the needs of the public, and transform the achievements of scientific and technological innovation into practical tools that can be used by the people to develop the times. The results benefit thousands of ordinary people.

Forge ahead and continuously develop marketing and sales channels.

YYD Robo constantly seeks more cooperation in its brand promotion strategy. It is understood that YYD Robo has covered more than 200 airports nationwide, and it has in-depth cooperation with ‘CAAC Inflight Magazine’, "High Above" magazine, more than 50 hotels affiliated to the HNA Group nationwide, 23 airport VIP rooms, domestic passenger station TV media, high-speed railway media and other channel platforms. YYD Robo brand will be a household name, and the concept of intelligent education will surely become more popular!


Where is the future of intelligent education? The future of intelligent education should be AI and teachers. Education plugged in the wings of AI, that will be more powerful, to help the education industry take off, and help children of thousands of families to win at the starting line!


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