RAIC | Intelligent service robot committee first show, hand in hand to promote the ecological development of robots

2019-01-14   By admin

From July 10th to 11th, the two-day RAIC (2018 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Conference) ended successfully in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone, and the second member conference of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance was held concurrently. On the opening day of the conference, government leaders, business leaders, academicians and representatives of capital institutions and entrepreneurs attended the event, attracting many technology enthusiasts and researchers. During the two-day event, experts, scholars and business leaders from different industries brought their unique thinking and insights, and shared the most cutting-edge science and technology and the coolest smart applications. The dry goods continued to benefit people.

The Intelligent Service Robotics Professional Committee initiated and promoted by Intel (INTEL) was formally established for the first time at RAIC. The members covered the key aspects of the service robot basic technology, key modules, complete machines, and evaluation of the service robot industry. Shenzhen YYD Robo Co., Ltd. became one of the first members to work together with Intel (INTEL) on the application of intelligent service robots to create a successful project landing case to promote the development of the intelligent service robot industry!

In the direction of intelligent robot application, YYD and other members of the main unit will focus on building a successful case library for the landing of intelligent robot projects, combing and summarizing the application experience and mode, and formulating the landing standard and commercial landing reference model for intelligent robot projects. The above objectives are combined with the business and market activities of all units in the second half of 2018 to formulate work plans.

YYD focuses on the field of service robots and is committed to becoming AI Robo innovator. The company was established in October 2013 and is a national high-tech enterprise. YYD has a number of self-owned brand service robots, and has developed more than ten service robots in cooperation with China Mobile, iFLYTEK and South Korea LG Group. YYD cooperates with the top-edge technology resources of Silicon Valley AI in the United States, focusing on the development of key technologies such as deep learning, machine vision, neural network, NLP, and human-computer interaction. At present, the company has a research and development team of 180 people in China, and has more than 200 patents and core technologies in many fields. In the future, the company will build a service robot sharing platform, based on big data such as user behavior portraits and scenes, to provide consumers with AI+ big data services.

The company has 100,000 square meters of intelligent robot manufacturing base in Heyuan, Guangdong Province. It has a strong supply chain management system and an omni-channel marketing system, and has a very mature and stable robot industrialization capability.


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