YYD won 2018 OFweek China artificial intelligence technology innovation award

2019-01-15   By admin

On August 30, 2018, the highly anticipated the 2nd OFweek China Artificial Intelligence Industry Conference and the 2018 OFweek China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony were held at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center Hall A.

It is reported that OFweek Artificial Intelligence Awards 2018 is hosted by OFweek China High-tech Industry Portal and undertaken by OFweek Artificial Intelligence Network. It is one of the most professional and influential selections in China's high-tech industry. It is also a major brand event in China's artificial intelligence industry in 2018.

At 13:30 pm on August 30th, the award ceremony was held at Hall A of Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center. Shenzhen YYD Robo Co., Ltd. attended the award ceremony. Shenzhen YYD Robo Co., Ltd. has gained a high popularity on the network by virtue of the industrialization capability of a complete and mature intelligent robot and its core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights and independent research and development capabilities. After online voting, expert evaluation and comprehensive media selection, Shenzhen YYD Robo Co., Ltd. won the 2018 OFweek China Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Award.

This award once again proves YYD's innovative performance in the R&D and intellectual manufacture of educational robots. In this regard, the relevant person in charge said that the company will continue to move forward with the high recognition and deep encouragement of the industry, and move towards the goal of the China’s education robot industry leader.

In the field of educational robots, whether it is ‘technical innovation’ or ‘market application’, YYD are in theforefront of the industry.

In the ‘technical innovation’, YYD have completely independent research and development and independent intellectual property rights, which include robot operating system (YYD0S), robot application software (application software on the robot and mobile APP application), robot cloud big data center (YYD CLOUD). This trinity complete closed-loop software ecosystem is a concrete manifestation of 200 R&D personnels, 200 patented technologies and 5 years of technical accumulation of YYD, especially the robot cloud big data. It is the future that YYD robot provides accurate service based on user portraits. The foundation is also the core advantage of unlimited imagination and potential in the future, and it has formed absolute competitiveness at the research and development level.

In the ‘market application’, for the terminal consumer market, YYD is currently focusing on the field of educational robots, targeting groups of children and adolescents aged 3-18. The core functions of the products focus on education assistance; for industry application customization, YYD focuses on the needs of the airport industry, and customizes desktop and large-scale robots for the airport's application environment. In addition, YYD also have cooperation in customized products with strategic customers such as China Mobile, iFLYTEK and South Korea LG Group.

YYD won the 2018 OFweek China artificial intelligence technology innovation award fully reflects the industry's affirmation of the five years of precipitation of YYD!


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