YYD ROBO Has Won The Top 30 Innovation Award of SVIEF

2017-10-12   By admin

On September 28, 2017, Shenzhen YYD ROBO co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YYD ROBO") made its debut in the Silicon Valley region's highly regarded technology exhibition, the Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship forum ( hereinafter referred to as “SVIEF”) , and won the top 30 innovation award at the "night of SVIEF".This year, over 100 companies and projects participated in the SVIEF with the attending of more than 300 investors and over 10,000 audience.

This exhibition, YYD ROBO carried intelligent early education robots yyd-5, family entertainment robot yyd3 , Business greeting robot y128a, Commercial projection robot shang wu yong to the Silicon Valley of the United States.Guests from all over the United States are all around the robot booth, and they are full of praise for the products' voice interaction, intelligent entertainment, business office and other functions.

In the future, YYD ROBO will play a different role, meet the intelligent life needs of people, and provide advanced services for mankind.Steven Mann, a "wearable father" who visited Shenzhen YYD ROBO Co.,Ltd lately, also appeared at the event.

This year's SVIEF has created the "high-creation night" award ceremony and invited people from China and the United States in the fields of technology, investment and fashion entertainment.

Through the fair selection of the panel of the competent judges in Silicon Valley , YYD ROBO won the "top 30" entrepreneurship competition of the 7th "high creation star" competition, and qualified for the roadshow.

This award is the most valuable and influential annual award in the Silicon Valley region, and the winning companies are the benchmarking enterprises in the field of high-tech innovation.

In 2017, the company has demonstrated its strength and promoted the sharing and exchange of experiences between China and the United States in the innovation industry.In the future development, the triumphant YYD ROBO is bound to create a good performance, and become the industry leader!


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