Logic Training Robot · YYD-F5
Logic Training; Smart home;
Technology changes life
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STEM Program
YYD Robo F5 can improve logical thinking ability, abstract thinking ability, creativity, problem solving ability and learning ability.
The programming mode can familiarize the children with the simple programming principle, understand the programming skills, and can control YYD Robo F5 programmatically by a simple drag and drop operation, so that it can automatically perform a complex operation according to its own needs.
"A muti-functional friend"
Logic Training Robot YYD-F5 is a collection of smart home, a life assistant, an outstanding student, an entertainment robot, and more. It has emotion and will smile when it’s happy, cry while it’s sad. It can also sing and dance and join you to have fun together and play together!
Video monitoring; A family guardian
Remote control YYD-F5 by phone APP to any room to learn about house situation in real time; meet and talk with your baby online; “go back home” anytime; monitor the safety of children and the elder.
A sweet helper with attractive looks and versatile talents
YYD-F5 has the functions of weather reporting, time broadcasting, intelligent reminder, news broadcasting and other functions. You can take care all aspects of life through voice interaction with YYD-F5.
"Xiao yong, remind me to drink an hour later."
It’s a good assistant in your life. You can set your alarm clock, check the weather, query the stock and ask about the route information. If you don't know how to do dinner, you can also ask it, "How do you cook braised pork?" .
Smart home;monitor family security
Turn on the TV, air conditioner and other electrical equipment through voice control; Default security and fire alarm telephone; Make voice calls and remote monitoring, etc.; Even when you away from home, you can ease your heart; Real-time monitoring the situation at home; Realize the function of the home intelligent security.
  • TV
  • Air conditioner
  • Voice control
An entertainment partner who enriches life
Sing, dance, tell stories, play video, YYD-F5 creates an active atmosphere. It provides a variety of entertainment interactive puzzle games to download, preventing children from addiction to computer and mobile games. To enrich the life of the elderly. YYD-F5 can connect to the cloud resources of mass opera and square dances, which can be continuously updated.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Telling stories
  • Playing videos
Encyclopedia expert;Enjoying study
Arithmetic, knowledge of the encyclopedia, idioms and allusions, bedtime stories, English translation, habit formation, etc., are all YYD-F5's unique skills. A cute teacher in children's life can help to enjoy study.
Interesting mathematics
Help your baby learn mathematical logic
Encyclopedia of knowledge
The baby learns the knowledge of the encyclopedia in subtle ways.
Idioms and Allusions
Children learns benevolence and wisdom since childhood.
English translation
Simple English dialogue to stimulate baby's language talent.
CPU 4 nuclear MT8735V, W
Memory/Storage 1GB/16GB
Battery capacity 17600mAh (voltage 3.7 V)
Screen 5 inches
Size 453mmx277mmx380mm
Net weight 5230g/7530g (packing)
Material ABS
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