Intelligent Education Robot YYD-5
Children’s partner ; Enlightenment teacher
Early education expertEncyclopediaIdiom storiesSinologyPlaymate
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“An all-powerful elf, I can tell everything you want to know.”

It’s a collection of literacy, pinyin, English, arithmetic, poetry, encyclopedic knowledge, idioms and stories, national knowledge, etc. With Built-in 8G memory and updated local resources through data line, it can be controlled by voice to "recite a tang poem" or "tell a story". A good friend and teacher of children allows the kids to win at the starting line.

Food safety grade ABS material, safer.
The cuteness design is very popular among children. It is made of safe and environment-friendly ABS material. It is extremely light and easy to carry with a weight of only 0.14kg. With the left and right movable plates on the bottom, it can dance and swing with the music. The durable 1400mAh lithium battery ensures the standby time to about 168 hours.
  • 0.14kg
    Product weight
  • 1400mAh
    Lithium battery
  • 168h
    Standby time
A Storyteller who’s stories worth hearing a hundred times

With massive story resources, it can accompany the baby all day long;
Through the APP client end, children can play and study together with YYD-5, the children will get to know this changing world more vividly.

A soul playmate; Play with it all day 

YYD-5 can not only understand simple dialogues, but can also sing, dance, recite poems according to the children's instructions.
Touch YYD-5’s belly, head, arms, it will make all sorts of funny and lovely expressions and reactions, which creates a joyful atmosphere.

A playmate and pet
Through mobile phones, Pads and APP client ends, children can “make” different food for YYD-5 and feed it by phone. Children will learn to play various musical instruments with it. YYD-5 will gradually “grow up” under the care of children. It has five levels, and as the level rises, the color of its eyes will change from white to blue, green, yellow or purple.
Two YYD-5 are sweet friends;Never to be baby Otakus

Put two YYD-5 together, they can talk, sing, dance, tell stories together and chat each other. It is a great joy to make friends! Take your YYD-5 to make more friends!

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Telling stories
CPU 16 voice IC master
Memory/Storage 8MB/8GB
Battery capacity 1400mAh lithium
Display LCD dot matrix
Height 191MM
Weight 0.41KG
Material ABS
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